Dental Services

New Patient Exam

This is going to be exciting, we all finally get to meet for the first time! The point of this exam is to be able to provide treatment options that work for you. This will be completed through a comprehensive evaluation of your current dental state.


  • You will find out whats in between you and the smile you deserve
  • Meet our great staff for the first time


Look forward to a friendly and relaxing trip to the dentist. The experience starts when you enter the office and meet Diane, she will check you in and gather any needed documentation. After you will be introduced to one of our great dentists who will start the evaluation. Finally you will get to see  your different treatment options. We are excited to provide options that will work for both of us.

What We Do

We will be gathering all the information that pertains to your treatment options. This starts with your health and dental history. Next we will figure out what you are looking to get out of coming to the dentist. Than we will take a full mouth series of x-rays interpreted by Dr. Bob. This will all be used in tandem with a comprehensive evaluation of your gums, teeth, bite and tm(jaw) joint. Photographs and 3d scans of your teeth will be used to create more definitive treatment plans. By the end of your appointment we will be able to discuss some treatment options, that aligns what you want and what you need.