Teeth Whitening

This is the process of visually making your teeth whiter, which is different from having your teeth cleaned. We offer in the office and take home whitening systems. Have your teeth  professionally done or try doing it yourself. Also if you do it yourself it will take 7-10 days, in office it is done in one sitting. We can give further instruction on how to use the take home kit.


  • A visibly whiter smile.

  • Look better and feel more confident.


Hello again! Diane will be waiting for you in the front office. Feel free to tell her a funny story and the doctor will be with you momentarily. Get as comfortable as you want in the chair but don’t fall asleep! We will take care of your teeth, so relax and think about how great your smile will look.

What We Do:

First we will help you get comfortable in the chair, Dr. Bob will apply the materials to protect your mouth during the whitening process. Then we will apply the whitening gel and let it set. After we will clean off the gel and repeat the process one more time. We use glo technology for all of our whitening systems: check them out.

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