Teeth Cleaning

Professionally cleaning your teeth so that your smile can look its best. We will also evaluate for any dental health related problems. Applying varnish to help prevent tooth decay.


  • A bright polished smile that feels as good as it looks.

  • Avoid tooth decay.

  • Checkup on potential dental related issues.


Welcome back to the office! Say hey to Diane and your doctor will be with you soon. Warm welcomes all around, as you sit back and relax in the comfy chair. We will take care of the rest, just be ready for friendly conversation.

What We Do:

First we will go through an evaluation. Checking you gums and soft tissues for oral cancer, we will also look for any other potential issues related to your dental health. After we will provide this information to Dr. Bob to take another look at any potential issues. Then we will start your cleaning by removing plaque, tartar and stain. Time to make those pearly whites shine with a polish, protecting that smile with the application of a fluoride varnish. We will finish up by providing a little goody bag to help you keep that smile glowing.

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