Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is a replacement tooth that is held in by an artificial root. The root is placed into your jaw to hold the tooth which requires minor surgery. This is an option for anybody who has lost teeth and wants them back. Having a tooth removed is more painful than getting an implant, but there is mild discomfort.


  • No more gaps in your teeth.

  • Improve the look of your smile.


Welcome back to the office, Diane is waiting for you at the front desk. The doctor will be with you momentarily.Take your seat and relax in the comfy padded dental chair. This will require some mild discomfort, so we will numb your mouth. Your smile will look better than ever. The healing process will typically take around a week.

What We Do:

We start by evaluating the gums for the best way to insert the implant. Then we apply local anesthesia to numb any pain associated with the procedure. Next we will make small incisions in your gums, to make room for the implant. Throughout the procedure we will continually monitor to make sure everything is going to plan. Finally we will schedule a followup appointment. Along with providing a subscription to pain medication.

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