Dental Services

Clear Correct

It is a clear piece of material designed to help align your teeth similar to braces. You will have to take them out whenever you want to eat.


  • Straighten you teeth
  • Don’t have to get bulky metal braces
  • Look good and feel more confident


This is going to be a quick and easy visit. Stop at the front desk to check-in with Diane. Then proceed to follow the dentist to your chair. Sit back and relax as we scan your mouth, take photos. Feel free to engage in a friendly conversation with Dr. Bob. You will then have to schedule another appointment to get the aligners fitted to your mouth. 

What We Do

We will gather all the information from a mouth scan and photos. Then coordination with what you want with your bite. We will then send all of that information off to our lab, and have another appointment when your dental appliance is ready. In your second appointment we will fit the brand new dental appliance to your mouth. After that we will have followup checks every 4-6 weeks to make sure that your smile is progressing.